RRM barriers are an advanced one-piece, seamless plastic product that serves as a means of diverting, securing, and blocking the flow of oncoming pedestrians, vehicles, ballistics, and other potentially dangerous encounters. The RRM barricades are designed to be stronger and more durable than our competitors, yet still be cosmetically pleasing. That, combined with our customer-oriented focus, makes us the premier barrier supplier in the industry.


Our barriers are designed and built in several different sizes and can be used in a variety of applications. Possible Applications:

•  Force protection •  Guard units  •  Flight line
•  Crowd control •  Construction zones •  Race tracks
•  Special events •  Airport construction •  Parking lots
•  Anti-terrorism •  Troop protection •  Perimeter protection
•  Gate approaches •  Air shows •  Site perimeter
•  Border patrol •  Traffic control •  Recreational use




The RRM 42" x 72" barrier is AASHTO MASH TL-2 3-90 approved.  

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RRM offers a full line of accessories to go along with our barriers.  These accessories include solar lights, battery operated lights, and several different sizes of flags.  Fencing, barrier adaptors, barrier corners, wall barrier caps, wall barrier doors, all the hardware that goes along with the wall barriers, and a half wall barrier are also included in the Accessories Category.

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