About RRM


Be an internationally recognized, preferred provider of plastic products to our customers.



  • Provide high quality, cost effective plastic products to our customers.
  • Create customized, integrated product solutions that add value and are differentiated from competitor by innovative content.
  • Direct our strategic energies to accommodate new business opportunities for the good of our employees, customers, industry and the ever changing demand in the market place.


RRM History

Rochester Rotational Molding was established in 1988 by four individuals, two of whom are currently owners and operators of the company. RRM began much of its custom molding through the IBC market. With the IBC products being 75% of the business in the early 1990's, there was a need to begin exploring other markets. One market that RRM entered was the plastic fencing market which they later withdrew from their product line.

The addition of a mold-making shop continued to increase their ability to become a full service molder. This opened the door to an increase in serviceability due to RRM's ability to take an idea from design to a finished product. Over time the ability to adapt to change and become a more market diversified molder has helped the company continue to grow and accommodate additional business as desired.

During the early 1990's the addition of a Clamshell machine continued to increase the output of production that could be achieved. As time passed, the need to develop a proprietary line of products became apparent. Currently RRM has developed a proprietary product line, and is continuing to grow as a custom molder. A large-scale shuttle machine (2 shuttles) and an FSP machine are the current machines of production. The facility accommodating 15,000 square feet on 15 acres leaves plenty of room for future growth. The development of the RRM barrier and racing product lines and the continual striving to become a full service molder leaves open the possibility for further expansion into other regions of the country.